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BMD is the world's first open digital asset trading platform. Preparations began in 2015, after 6 years of continuous development and testing.

Security compliance

Obtained a Serbian business license, led the innovation of blockchain technology, and promoted the global industrialization of blockchain technology.

Global layout

Headquartered in Serbia, it has independent trading business and operation centers in San Francisco, London, Osaka, Paris, Singapore and other countries and regions.

Development Vision

In line with ending chaos in the industry, formulating industry rules, and guiding the vision of healthy development of the industry, we hired the original IBM technical team to create the world's first securities-level trading platform, committed to providing users with safe, convenient, fair and just digital assets Trading experience.

Core advantages advantages


  • 1. Based on the IBM enterprise-level security architecture, using multi-layer hardware isolation
    2. A 24-hour real-time early warning system detects potential cyber attacks
    3. Use the world's leading security protection services outside the system
    4. Use multiple network isolation inside the system to prevent intrusion

High concurrency

  • 1. The most advanced distributed system design
    2. Dynamically adjust hardware resources according to load conditions
    3. Support real-time online transactions for millions of users


  • 1. Uninterrupted operation of global distributed servers
    2. Global multilingual, multi-regional, multi-currency support


  • 1. Provide millisecond-level accurate pen, time, and snapshot data
    2. Provide streaming data subscription interface for institutional investors
    3. Real-time remote backup to ensure data security

Platform advantage advantages

Cold wallet to ensure the security of private keys

System audit, safe and reliable

Smart contract, eliminate default

Distributed consensus, cannot be tampered with

Asset monitoring, abnormal alarm

Risk control system, asset backtracking

DDoS defense, smart ban

Abnormal price, risk warning

Company Profile Profile

BMD mainly provides currency and derivatives trading services for digital assets such as BTC, ETH, and EOS for global users. Continuously improve and upgrade products and services according to users' suggestions and needs, and serve every customer better and better. Innovation and user experience will never end.

6 years

Blockchain industry experience

3 years

Practical experience in security system operation

167 people

Technical teamTechnical team




Cooperative agency



Circuit diagram diagram


BMD takes shape


BMD core logic design completed


BMD obtains Serbia business license


BMD exchange goes online


BMD participates in the Washington Blockchain Summit


BMD obtains investment from top capital institutions


BMD global users exceed 5 million

Team introduction team

The growing BMD team brings together the most outstanding talents in the fields of security, finance and distributed systems.

Povilas Jurna

One of the core developers of BMD, with rich technical experience and project management experience. His research areas include cryptography, algorithm introduction, blockchain principle, design, application, and actual combat. Years of C/C++ development experience, good at technical public relations, research, improvement and innovation, system architect background, design and implement large-scale concurrency control layered server architecture.

Julius Demenius

Ph.D. degree in computer science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, specializing in the research and popularization of basic computer technology. He has published papers in many internationally renowned magazines, and set a world record of clearing once every 15 seconds in the blockchain field, causing a worldwide sensation. Served as chief operating officer in Silicon Valley, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard and other companies in the United States. After that, he was obsessed with the world of blockchain described by Satoshi Nakamoto, and he resolutely devoted himself to the field of financial investment and played an important role in it.

Evaldas Krampas

He has a master's degree in economics from Harvard University and holds the qualifications of ACCA, CFA and other countries as a chartered accountant. He is also an actuary. He has many years of experience in the financial field and is familiar with the application and practice of ERP. One of the core founders of microeconomics and blockchain technology alliance.

Cooperative agency agency

Advisory body


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